Yesterday I went to the Mall by bus. It’s rare for me to take public transport and it’s the second time I took internal shuttle bus after years living in the neighbourhood.

After I get in the bus, there were only 3 passengers in it. There was and old lady sat in front of me. The moment I saw her, my first impression was she was a typical bad tempered old lady. No trace of smile or warmth on her face.

I won’t tell all the passengers in or out the bus, not all of them catch my attention back there.

There was a well dressed man stopped the bus in the middle of the street. Funny thing is, it’s just 10 meters from the real bus stop. He was busy making calls while get into the bus. That’s enough to label him an arrogant.

In next 10 meters on the actual bus stop, one family catch my attention. An Indonesian native carrying her 2 years old daughter with a maid and her husband, a Korean man. She sat on the opposite side of me. Then the maid follow. The maid sat just between she and old lady. There was only small opening between them but the maid just squeezing in between. The maid pushed the old lady with her body. It was many clear space on the other side of the lady. The maid just plain ignorant.

I thought the old lady will be irritated by the maid. But I’m wrong, she just move nicely without showing any emotion at all. The moment later her husband sat next to the old lady so he was separated from her wife and the maid by the old lady. He sat on the old lady’s her hand. The old lady pull her hand and still without any expression and the man say nothing. That’s not enough, after that the man reach to his daughter that was on her wife’s lap. The old lady was pushed back. And without any expression at all again.

As we can see, I judged the old lady that she is bad tempered. The fact is very contrary. She is not bad tempered and very patience too. Remember the well dressed man? Actually he was not arrogant at all, he even greet us while he took off the bus. That’s what I call “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

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