I was amazed to find that the SharePoint community are quite sensitive about the constant message they hear that “SharePoint Sucks”. Those in the pro-SharePoint camp feel it is a message being unfairly attached to the product (keep drinking the kool-aid guys). Hey, they have even started giving User Group presexntations with titles such as “SharePoint for Developers Who Hate Sharepoint”. The key difference here is that the “Notes Sucks” mantra was largely a response by users of the Notes client prior to Notes 8.0. The “SharePoint Sucks” mantra appears to be from a developer community forced to use a product they quickly grow to hate. Another difference is that Microsoft has been quite successful in amplifying the “Notes Sucks” message while the “SharePoint Sucks” message has been well muted. Don’t wory Microsoft, your secret is safe with me. Lets keep it between you, me. Oh… and the few people who read my blog… SHAREPOINT SUCKS!, SHAREPOINT SUCKS!, SHAREPOINT SUCKS!!!!!

Taken from bleedyellow

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