My daughter had a swollen gum for awhile. The swollen gum was a bit different and it’s protruded about 25 mm from the gum surface. I thought it was just a gingivitis. After a week no improvement, I took her to a dentist.

After examined the gum, the dentist said that the dental pulp or nerve inside the tooth was having infection. It supposed to be very painful luckily the nerve was dead already. The nerve infection produced pus but the pus were trapped inside and that causing abscess, a swollen gum with pus in it.

I read that this abscess may cause eyes to swollen and brain infection if not treated. Back then when the antibiotic is not available, people can die by the abscess.

Looks like in this case, it was an unsuccessful root canal procedure since it’s a root canal treated tooth before. There were left over on last procedure.

The tooth was underwent another root canal procedure to make way of the pus out. It took sometime until the pus are clear and of course with help of antibiotic too.

For now, the tooth was stuffed with cotton and must replaced two times a day. Tough job to do, not to mention dentist is not cheap but a live is at stake now. When the pus all clear, the tooth will be sealed once again.

If you ever happen to have or found abscess on your gum, go treat it immediately. Don’t underestimate it.

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