This morning I was listening to the radio on my way to my work. It was a girl calling to the radio station asked for help for her love life.

She was planned to get her wedding next month. Yesterday, one of her best friend — let’s call her S — asked her to talk. She thought S wanted to have a regular girls chit chat but she was wrong.

S said to her in desperation that S is pregnant — S wasn’t married. S said she was pregnant her-husband-to-be’s child. Let me clear this, S was having sex with her-husband-to-be and S is pregnant now. She said she was shocked and together they went to the her-husband-to-be’s apartment to clear things out.

Things went complicated. S is her best friend, she was devastated that her-husband-to-be having affair with her best friend all these time. He said he clicked just right with S after a year ago she introduced S to him.

She doesn’t want S to undergo an abortion and yet her marriage is just within a month with all preparations and invitations worked out. What would you do if you were in her position?

I’ll share mine first. I’ll let them go and make him marry S. I’ll go on my way. I can’t trust such a man anymore, soon or later he’ll do it again and the baby need a father. Life goes on.

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