TB or tubercle bacillus or most known as Tuberculosis is not a new disease. It’s an infectious bacterial disease characterised by the growth of nodules (tubercles) in the tissues. Mostly known as pulmonary TB (lung).

TB still causing many death mostly in developing country. I once helped my ex-girlfriend (now known as my wife) to work on her final undergraduate assignment about TB.

TB is curable if treated consistently. The main problem is if it’s not treated properly the bacteria would mutate into new strain that resistant to the drugs. They are happening and known as XDRTB, Extreme Drug Resistant Tuberculosis.

I thought you should see these photographs. They’re both powerful and moving. They highlight the awful disease XDR -TB, a new and deadly form of tuberculosis that is threatening to become a global pandemic.

By viewing and passing on this link we can help to spread awareness, which is the first step to halting the disease. XDRTB.ORG (http://www.xdrtb.org/)

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