To compress selected files individually instead of 1 zip files, we need to setup script to handle this. Luckily we do have the “Automator” to seamlessly integrate to finder.

These are the Steps for Automator 2.1, should be similar for minor version:

  1. Open Automator

  2. Choose Service

  3. Service receives selected = files or folders

  4. in = Finder

  5. Drag Run Shell Script to the right pane.

  6. Pass input = as arguments

  7. Paste this code to the script area

    for f in “$@” do zip -j –9 “$” “$f” done

  8. Save and name your script, “Compress Individually” should be fine or just make one up that informative enough for you.

  9. Try to right clicking on files, and you should find it on the lists