Our judgements and decision makings all are depend on inputs from senses and our memories. One of the component from eyes senses are colours.

Do you aware colours biased your judgement all these times? You don’t believe it? Well, the researchers at University of Munster’s Institute of Sport Psychology in Germany can proof it to you. Can you imagine, they got Sport Psychology Institute?

They conducted an experiment back then on last Olympic games in 2004 and published as a scientific journal in 2005. They analysed the data for four combat sports (boxing, taekwondo, Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling). Athletes that wearing red coloured gears won more often.

The colour it self related to perception and have impact on subconscious. Red colour is associated with bravery, strength, power, dominance, aggression. The athletes wearing red colour will make them feel more confident, stronger, braver and more confident. On the other side, the rival will have similar perception too, they will subconsciously crippled by their rival’s dominance colour.

The judges are biased as well. Those researchers try an experiment where they digitally swapped gears colours of the athletes and asked 42 experienced taekwondo referees to assign points for each fighter on each video at two separate times.

They realised that it’s the same video, the same fighters, the same performances but the results are totally different. When the fighters wearing red gears they were assigned with more points than while they wear blue gears. Statistically it’s eight points higher on the average.

What a fair life isn’t it? Biased by colour.

After knowing these, in your next competition you can pick more dominant colour for your advantage.

Meanwhile let’s check out the current olympic games, are those fighters with red coloured gears win more often?

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