If you happen stuck on SMTP incoming mail problem with this kind of error message in your log,

SMTP Server: Authentication is not enabled in the SMTP Internet Site Document for

Please note that at the end of the error message is seem incomplete but that was what in my console. I double and triple check again for the SMTP Incoming Site Document, but it’s there. This usually happens after you enable “Load Internet configuration from Server\Internet Sites Documents” at Server Document.

I remember ever solve this kind of problem years ago but my memory was failing me. After several days, I got my aha moment after googling this stuff. It seems domino can not find the Site Document even though it’s there. Problem? For seasoned domino developer, this must ring something. It’s the view index that not updated properly.

To sort this problem, just issue this at the Server Console,

updall -R names.nsf

Or, just ctrl-shift-F9 while opening the names.nsf. I hope this help