I just got stung by a giant wasp on my right toe. The wasp was gigantic. It was lost and stuck in my home after accidentally flew in thru my open window. I saw the wasp while ago but when my wife told me it’s near the front door, it’s the right moment to “help” it out.

The wasp was exhausted and still trying to find way out. With few sheet of papers, I approach the wasp. It was hiding under my socks at the corner near my front door. I thought it was UNDER the socks and I try to get the socks out of my way using my right feet. Suddenly my right toe felt a striking pain. Let me emphasise it again, STRIKING pain. I jumped and screamed frantically. My hand was waving the papers trying to hit and blow the wasp away. I thought the wasp still has it’s sting or it’s fang in my flesh. No, it wasn’t. I was surprised it’s so painful. Must be it’s venom or something.

I fell and sitting on the floor while holding my toe. After few seconds, my eyes spot blood surfacing on my toe’ skins. My wife was giving me a bottle of wasp oil (bahasa: minyak tawon) ASAP. Don’t quite sure what this oil are made of. I tried to rub my toe with the oil. Well, it’s suddenly felt better, maybe the venom already wear off at that moment. Now I have a swollen toe and I have to raise my toe a bit while walking.

Why the wasp stung me? In our life, this question is comparable to why we hurt others. Sometime when we get cornered or feel insecure, we may hurt others. Some say it’s instinct and reflect, but it’s not. You can train your self to always be mindful and prevent unnecessary actions that can hurt others or hurt you, intentionally or unintentionally. Be mindful.

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