Last saturday was my daughter’s “eating out day”, I let her choose her favorite food to eat for that whole day. She was very delighted and enjoyed her food very much.

Seeing her like that bring big smile, joy and warmth to my heart. To exaggerate, I can almost have my tears at the corner of my eyes. Rejoicing her happiness was happened back there.

Rejoicing to see what “yours” is common, like parents to their children. Rejoicing to others that entirely not related to you when they are happy is the a whole new level. To rejoice of your enemy’s joy is supreme. To do that, you require universal and altruistic love that became part of your nature.

Most of humans are, of course me too, have egoistic attitude towards all aspects of our lives. Shifting to the universal and altruistic attitude requires practice and letting go our ego. Many social activities are manifestation of such a practice. You won’t be able to change your point of view and your ego in one night, it requires gradual practices.

Conflicts are clash of egos. I don’t know whether conflicts are still there or not if we all able to rejoice to other’s joy. But I have deep confidence that at least the will be less conflicts exist.

When we all have such an attitude? Will we start? Why don’t we start small by each of ourselves first? Will you?

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