Walter Isaacson in an interview with the Washington Post’s Sally Quinn.

WI: I think Steve Jobs was more on a quest for enlightenment. When he was young, when he was 13, he looked at a cover of Life Magazine that had two starving children. And he had been going to the Lutheran Sunday school of his parents. And he brought it to the pastor and he said, “does God know about this?” And the pastor said, “Steve I know you don’t understand, but God knows everything.” And Steve said, “Well I don’t want to have anything to do with that God.” And he didn’t go back to church. But he felt that there was a great mystery and there were many, many doors that could lead you on the quest for seeking enlightenment about the great mystery. And that different religions were just different doors to the same quest for enlightenment. He was not religious in the sense that he thought his own particular door, or his own particular path, or his own particular quest was the right one. He was religious in the sense that he thought it was a great mystery, and event though we’ll never know the answer, we still continue on the journey.